SPOT Widgets

Are powerful tools for Propsecting within Company-Branded Social Media Marketing Systems.


SPOT Widgets are embeddable Social Media Prospecting Widgets designed to promote corporate video messages anywhere on the Internet including all the Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as directly into Email. SPOT Widgets actively engage new Prospects by capturing their Contact Information, connecting via VOIP and redirecting them to a Corporate Representative's Website.


SPOT Widgets are configurable for diversification of message. Thier purpose is attracting new prospects and driving traffic with follow-up e-communications and powerful analytics to evaluate activities and maximize performance.


Our Social Media Marketing Solution is styled to match your Corporate Brand and includes;

  • Full Contact Management
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Campaigns
  • Corporate Media Management
  • Company Messaging
  • Calendar Events
  • Instant Web Contact
  • Mobile, and much more...


Performance analytics help you decide what's working and what's not, so each Rep can change their messaging to attract more Prospects.


A fully customized, Corporate Social Media Marketing System can be designed and deployed in any Country or Language... and typically available for Pilot in 30 days or less.


For more information, contact SPOT Widget Sales at +1.305.432.2150

SPOT Marketing